Hydrafacial at Home – 9 Easy Steps To Do It at Home [2020]

Hydrafacial” is a new addition to the beauty trend. Many of us don’t know how to do hydrafacial, Perfect for any skin, or what happens if we do it. It is a facial that locks moisture in the skin through various steps and brings instant freshness and hydrated look.

This facial is done using different types of equipment in the beauty salon, which is quite expensive. But by following some steps while sitting at home, you can also get glow and freshness like hydra facial. Come on, don’t know how to do these facial steps? Hydrafacial at Home

Hydrafacial at Home – 9 Easy Steps To Do It at Home

Why is hydrafacial different?

There are several differences between hydro facials and other facials. Steps, products, processes are many but different. The facial starts with a massage cream of thick consistency in the parlor, but this is not the case with this facial. Instead, the focus is on how to clean the skin from the inside out.

Hydro facials use chemical exfoliators, serums, essences that are not seen in other parlor facials. It opens the pores and removes the dead cell layer and brings out the healthy glow of the skin from inside. And it simultaneously gives a dewy and smooth effect to the skin as the hydration level of the skin is restored in different steps of this facial.

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Hydra Facial for whom?

Since Hydra Facial cleans the skin flawlessly and gives a hydrated look, everyone can do it if they are over twenty years old. You can do this facial even if you have pimples, dark spots or pigmentation problems on the skin. Its output is best understood in dry, dehydrated skin. Hydrafacial at Home

Hydrafacial side effects

The HydraFacial is consistently safe and effective. It does not have much side effects, but in some women, it can cause acne. Hydrafacial at Home

How to do hydrafacial at home

Can I do hydrafacial at home? You can do hydrafacial at home easily with the following steps. We will know what steps to follow to make a noticeable change while sitting at home. Hydrafacial at Home

1) Double cleansing

Hydrafacial at Home - 9 Easy Steps To Do It at Home [2020]
best at home hydrafacial machine

Seeing the double cleansing, you can understand that it has two steps. One step is oil cleansing, and the other is foam cleansing. Let’s learn about the two steps separately!

Oil Cleansing – The first step in facials is to clean the skin properly. In double cleansing, the oil-based hydrated cleanser should be used first so that the excess sebum, makeup, and pollutants of the skin can be cleaned without drying the skin.

Foam Cleansing – Then gently massage moisturized foam cleanser on wet skin. This will clear all the dust and dirt from the outside on the upper layer of the skin.

Now massage for 5-6 minutes and wash your face with a splash of water. Then wipe the face well with a soft cloth. Hydrafacial at Home

2) Steaming

Hydrafacial at Home - 9 Easy Steps To Do It at Home [2020]
how to do a hydrafacial at home

Steaming opens the pores of the skin. Take a bowl of lukewarm water and steam the hot water from it. It is better to mix a little essential oil in the water because, with the steam, the extract of that essential oil will enter our skin through the open tube well. Essential oils can be lavender oil, lemongrass, tea-tree, or rosemary oil.

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3) Exfoliation – DIY hydrafacial

Hydrafacial at Home - 9 Easy Steps To Do It at Home [2020]
hydrafacial at home kit

In this step of facial, to remove the layer of dead cells on the surface of the skin, i.e., the dead cells of the face, understand your skin type and select chemical or physical exfoliator.

Physical Exfoliator – Massage from bottom to top in a circular motion with a granular scrub through scrubbing. After the cleaning is over, the face should be washed thoroughly with cold water. Feel free to use a physical exfoliator on average to dry skin.

Chemical Exfoliators – For those who have infected acne on their skin or are irritated by granular scrubs due to sensitivity, chemical exfoliators will work well. Do you know which chemical exfoliators?

B-A or beta hydroxy acid, A-H, or alpha hydroxy acid, lactic acid acts as a chemical exfoliator. It slowly lightens the bonding of dead cells with the skin layer in a slow process, which then becomes clean during face washing. hydrafacial tool

4) Toning

Then apply the toner well on the face with a cotton pad. A toner that gives hydrating and refreshing feeling should be used. Choose toner according to your skin type and problem. But the effectiveness varies according to the ingredients of the toner.

For example, hyaluronic acid toner moisturizes the skin from the inside out, milk protein rich toner nourishes the skin and brings a healthy glow, toner with T-tree element helps to reduce the incidence of rash-bronze. It irritates the skin with rose extract, precious skin. do hydrafacials work

5) Essence apply

Apply essence in this step of facial to get dewy and soft skin. Essence repairs the skin from the inside out and helps in the regeneration of new cells. Apply on your whole face with two or three drops of the heart. Now massage with light hands, busy! profacial hydrafacial machine

6) Apply sheet mask

Apply sheet mask to get instantly hydrated skin by removing skin roughness and dryness. It is pre-prepared, which means a packet contains a mask soaked in essence or serum. Carefully remove the mask from the package and apply it to the face.

It’s a hassle; it’s not a problem to pack. Apply the mask on the face and, after 15-20 minutes, absorb the serum on the skin and remove the mask—massage on face and neck area with extra serum. Then there is no need to wash your face!

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7) Antioxidant serum

Use a serum to restore your skin’s natural glow and facial moisture. diy hydrafacial at home

8) Give the skin a little rest

Now it’s time to give a rest to the face so that the layers of the previous step can sit well on the skin, and your skin will get the best benefits. Take a little rest for 10 minutes and keep the skin at rest. You can feel how smooth and soft your skin has become before. 7 in 1 hydra facial machine

9) Moisturizing

Finally, apply hydrating moisturizer according to skin type. Remember, no matter how much you use the oil, if the skin’s moisture level is not right, the effect is not too long-lasting. Moisturizers should be kept in regular skincare, not just facial steps.

Then you know the steps of this facial. You can get bright and beautiful skin at home once a week or before any occasion by following these steps.  If you want, you can buy skin care products online from Amazon. hydrafacial extractions

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