My kid IQ test

My kid IQ test

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The description of My kid IQ test

Why should children take IQ test? Is your child gifted? Or does he or she have difficulties in learning? It is often hard to tell as gifted children are usually not high achievers at school. And average/high performing children may be having difficulties in some aspects of learning but concealed by strengths in others.IQ test provides a precise personalized measurement of children’s abilities. Based on that, parents can map out the most suitable development pathway to maximize their children’s potentials or take proper steps to support children with disabilities. This, IQ tests should be taken from an early age for best effects.According to statistics, the validity of the test is 99.14%.In this application, we use a fluid reasoning test, which tests the ability to analyze novel problems (i.e without past knowledge), identify patterns and relationships that underpin these problems. This is necessary for all logical problem-solving, e.g., in scientific, mathematical, and technical problem solving. Therefore, it will significantly assist anticipating the child’s academic performance.Instruction:1. IQ test for kids includes 30 – 60 questions and it is score automatically after 17 – 22 minutes.2. If your kid finds two logical answers to one questions he/she should choose the simplest answer.3. Wrong answers do not influence your result so guess rather than omit a question!NOTE: This test is intended for entertainment purposes only.IMPORTANT INFO: The app walks you through a wizard and at the end it provides you a basic info about the IQ test score, but not the actual score. In order to get full information you need to pay premium access. It cost less than a coffee but gives you a lot more: insights about what jobs your kid could have, what your IQ score means and a lot of valuable info.

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Download My kid IQ test V1.0.19 for android
Download My kid IQ test for android
Download My kid IQ test for android
Download My kid IQ test for android
Download My kid IQ test for android
Download My kid IQ test for android

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