Pimples After Using Toner: Is Toner Good For Pimples?

Toner or something else? Teenage harassment with acne problems. Regular application of toner will make acne disappear. Because nothing, in some cases, it is seen that the acne is slowly decreasing with the use of toner, the old lost sheen and the appearance are coming back.

Toner is a chemical solution that is made to cleanse the skin by removing dust, germs, etc. that have penetrated deep into the skin of the face. But this toner is applied with a little cotton.  pimples after using toner

First, clean the face with a cleanser, then apply toner and finally use a moisturizer to freshen the skin. The three methods used in this way are called cleanser toner and moisturizer (CTM).

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Is It Possible To Solve Pimples Problem With Toner?

1. Does toner reduce Pimples/Acne?

The whole teenager is in a dilemma as to whether toner can reduce acne. Expert opinion, however, gives some relief in this case. According to them, an acid called salicylic acid removes acne from the facial skin.

So the ability of the toner to get rid of acne depends on whether salicylic acid is present in the toner or not. If the acne is minimal in size, then the benefits of using toner begin to match.

But keep in mind, you have to choose the toner that contains salicylic acid. Not only acne but also whiteheads and blackheads are present in the skin. Toner, but these can also be easily removed. pimples after using toner

2. Does toner reduce acne scars?

Although acne can be removed, it is not easy to remove scars. So just as you think about acne, you also think about the scars left after the acne is gone. There is also confusion over what toner can remove these stains.

According to dermatologists, acne scars can be removed with a toner if they are blurred. However, if glycolic acid is present in the toner, then the acne scars will disappear with time. Glycolic acid is the main ingredient in acne scars. pimples after using toner

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3. If the acne is big

If acne is large enough to be seen in the eye, is it possible to cure it by applying toner? Experts did not answer. Toner does not have the power to cure acne. Toners do not usually contain acne-reducing ingredients.

Toners that contain Salicylic acid are also reduced in quantity. Therefore, other treatments or doctor’s advice should be taken instead of toner to cure significant acne.  pimples after using toner

4. Is toner good for skin?

The toner is used to clean the sebum and dust accumulated on the skin. However, some toners are mixed with alcohol. Washing the face with this toner can lead to dry skin.

In the case of acne, toner is not active in most cases. It’s a different matter if the acne is new, but removing the significant acne is not a toner action. pimples after using toner

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How to make toner at home:

Oily skin is more prone to acne. Toner helps to eliminate the oily feeling of the skin. Acne can be caused by the accumulation of dirt on the skin, and the pores of the skin are closed. acne treatment

The toner removes dirt from the skin and cleanses the pores, which will reduce the tendency of the skin to get acne. So it is necessary to use toner to cure acne. In skin care, we can easily make toner at home. pimples after using toner

Let’s know how to make six toners at home- pimples after using toner

1. Lemon

 pimples after using toner

Lemon juice can be used as a toner. Applying lemon juice on the cotton and applying it on the acne will keep the acne dry.

Mix one teaspoon of lemon juice with one tablespoon of water and apply it on the acne and leave it overnight. So, try using the toner once to cure acne! pimples after using toner

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2. Cucumber

 pimples after using toner

Cucumber is very beneficial for acne in the use of toner in curing acne. Cucumber works very well as a toner. Cucumber sliced ​​and applied on acne will remove acne and acne scars. how to use toner

3. Tomatoes

 pimples after using toner

Tomatoes also act as a perfect toner to heal pimples. Applying tomato paste on the acne will dry out the acne and reduce the acne scars. benzoyl peroxide

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4. Mustard and Honey

 pimples after using toner

The toner that is mixed with mustard and honey is a perfect option. Mix honey with a little mustard powder and apply it on the face, leave it for 15 minutes and wash it off when it is dry. This toner removes acne and brightens the skin by removing acne scars.  pimples after using toner

5. Aloe Vera

 pimples after using toner

We all know more or less that Aloe vera is perfect for the skin. This ingredient works like magic to get rid of pimples. For this, blending Aloe vera and applying the juice on the acne can be beneficial. This will make the skin glow by removing the skin spots. the best toner for oily acne-prone skin

6. Green tea

 pimples after using toner

Surely everyone knows the benefits of playing Green Tea, isn’t it? But do you know that green tea is an excellent toner? Yes, green tea toner is a perfect acne cure. For this, leave the green tea bag in hot water and remove it after 15 minutes. the best toner for acne scars 

Then if you apply it on the whole face with cotton or just on the acne, the acne will dry out very quickly. If you want, you can also mix T-tree oil with it. what does skin purging look like

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Using these home remedies, acne can be easily removed by making toner at home. But before I end, I would like to give an important tip – since lemon or tomato is acidic, it can cause skin allergy problems.

So, before using tomato and lemon juice to test for allergies, apply a little on the back of the ear or hand and take 5 minutes. If you have skin irritation, you need to keep your skin away from lemon juice and tomatoes. pimples after using toner

In that case, you can use any other toner. So, always be beautiful and stay confident! pimples after using toner

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