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Skorr Grow socially

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The description of Skorr Grow socially

• Your Skorr is the aggregation of all your social influence. Connect your social media, post, engage, and see your Skorr improving! • Analyze your post’s engagement per post and post-reaction, so you can find out what content works for your network and grow socially• Get unique insights using some of the most advanced technologies like Sentiment and Emotion Analysis• Make friends in Skorr and get detailed insights about you and your Skorr friends. Find out trending hashtags, topics, or even the best time to post and start boosting your engagement!• You can monetize your social media presence by accepting the invitation and performing post campaigns or answering surveys! (not available in all markets yet)• Skorr will suggest you an optimized price for your data and campaigns. But it’s up to you to decide your value!• Brands will never see who you are till you accept selling your data or do a post-campaign. You will be in control and get paid for it!• Withdraw your earnings in an easy safe way: via Paypal. Engagement is the key to anything these days. Skorr helps you analyze your social media presence by giving you tools to understand what to post and when to post. Since trending posts and trending hashtags of your network, to your most influential topics, we give you unique insights that will help you know what kind of content is making your network click. Insights about your key indicators (likes, posts, shares, views, fans, etc.) are crucial to understanding where you stand out and where your network needs more attention. Monitor your progress and boost your presence with trending content to keep growing.Discover what are the posts that keep your network’s attention! You can access to specific post details like the evolution of your post reactions and predominant emotion. This detailed information helps you understand what kind of posts engage with your audience and how to create a strategy to get more and best reactions.Watch how your friends are performing, what are they talking about and their interests. Maybe they are the same as yours and you can get closer to them by post identical content. Or maybe they have very different interests and you can learn how different content can impact other kinds of audience! With Skorr, you can choose your social circle who’s in it. Getting closer and understanding them is your big chance to grow socially.Influence people around you and start earning money with your social footprint! A brand can see you as relevant, regardless of how many follow you. Maybe a known brand needs you to post about their new shiny product and needs your help to spread its benefits. Or maybe, they need your opinion about a new commercial or a product that is not on the market yet. Also, brands can be interested in your data (social media activity) to understand you and make you part of their representatives: your role is important! And guess what? They pay you for all of that!Our special algorithms suggest a value per post and a value per data start with, according to your Skorr and Engagement. But you decide your terms and values and can always refine them according to your expectations. Now you can start earning easy money, simple and quick as a share!One number to rule them all, get yours, and start making your best content ever! With every post-analysis, you will be able to find out what works best and post with a strategy in all social networks. Use your topics to see where you make the biggest influence and decide in what ways you want to improve your content delivery. Don’t stop short of success, get Skorring now!Be part of this huge community and understand better your social life. Skorr is made for everyone. Get your Skorr now!Contact UsWebsite: Skorr on Instagram: @skorr_grow_socially/Facebook:

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Get one Skorr that summarizes all your social influenceDiscover what are the topics you are more influential atFind out details about a specific post, like emotions and engagement evolutionTrack all your network’s movementsFind out what and when to post to get larger audiencesStart performing campaigns for your favorite brands (soon)Earn money according to your own terms (soon)Grow your wallet and withdraw via Paypal (soon)Find your friends and see how they’re performing

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Download Skorr Grow socially V2.0.55 for android

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