White Benefits Britain star with dreadlocks has been called racist

White Benefits Britain star with dreadlocks has been called racist

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The description of White Benefits Britain star with dreadlocks has been called racist

A white Benefits Britain TV star has claimed he has been called racist online due to his dreadlocks.

Travis Simpkins, 24, says he has been subjected to online abuse with people telling him he is a racist for wearing his hair in the twisted style because he is white.

Travis who took part in the Channel 5 documentary in 2015, has been sent messages saying it is ‘cultural appropriation’ but believes the comments are ridiculous.

The aspiring reality show star from Sheffield said: ‘I’ve been getting racially aggravated comments on my posts and I’ve never experienced anything like that before.

‘I’m used to negative backlash, people have commented on my teeth and my background but I have never been called racist.

‘Yes I’m white British and I’ve chosen to wear dreadlocks – but how does that make me a racist?’

Travis Simpkins, 24, from Sheffield claims he has been accused of ‘cultural appropriation’ by panduan judi online trolls


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Travis says he is very upset by the comments and has reported them on social media but not to the police.

He said: ‘It’s very scary to me to be faced with that kind of panduan judi online abuse and I am upset to be called a racist.

‘I just can’t understand how a hairstyle can mean someone is a racist.’

Travis who is currently unemployed, loves the hairstyle style so much he has even considered turning his passion into a business.

He said: ‘I have had dreads since the start of the pandemic, when it started as braids.

The aspiring reality star, who has only had a part time valet job when he was 16 has said he will carry on growing his deadlocks

‘I do them myself, I’ve always wanted them.

Why does what I do with my hair bother anyone else? I am going to keep growing them.’

But the panduan judi online criticism has made Travis rethink starting his own barber business, despite undergoing training.

He said: ‘Admittedly I have responded to a few comments but I am trying to ignore them.

There’s no reasoning with some people.

‘People will always find something to criticise you for – it used to be my teeth but I’ve had work done on those now so now it’s my hair.’

Travis also wants to focus on his acting career and previously used £1500 of his Universal Credit payments to pay for a new set of teeth.

Mr Scott appeared on Benefits Britain when he was 17 and said his only job was to ‘to be me’.

He previously paid £1,500 out of his universal credit allowance to get his teeth done

He hopes his new smile will help him to launch a career as a TV personality.

He said: ‘There are no guidelines on what to spend your universal credits on and I was so embarrassed on the Benefits show because of my teeth.

‘They made me feel ashamed of my appearance.

‘I’ve also been turned away from some castings and I think it was because of my teeth so I had to get them sorted.

‘I’m hoping they help me secure a role in the industry then I won’t need benefits.’

Speaking in 2015 ahead of his appearance on Benefits Britain, he said: ‘I’m just me.

That’s my job. I want to entertain people.

‘I had a part time job as a valet when I was 16 for four weeks and I got £25-a-day. I don’t feel like I could do a job sitting in an office or in a shop or behind a bar or in a call centre or at a butcher’s.

‘I don’t think I could do it.’

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